St. Patrick’s Day Holy Trinity Lesson and Craft

Holy Trinity Shamrock Craft and Bible Lesson for St. Patrick's Day

Holy Trinity Lesson & Craft *This post contains affiliate links. Please consider using the links to purchase materials if you need them to help support this blog! Thanks!* Here is a great video on the true story of St. Patrick’s Day to have your students watch: BONUS! Here is a poem to help kids remember […]

He Is Risen! Easter Craft and Bible Lesson

He Is Risen Featured Image

  This is a great craft and lesson for Sunday School or Children’s church but can also be used at home as a fun way to teach your children about the true meaning of Easter. Christ’s resurrection. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray you would bless those who are teaching this lesson. Lord prepare the hearts […]

Jesus on the Cross Bible Lesson & Craft

Jesus On The Cross Featured Image

    This is a wonderful Good Friday craft and Bible Lesson to use at home with your own kids or in a classroom setting at church. Here you will find craft instructions and printables, Lesson printable, Memory Verse card printable, and a corresponding coloring page for the children to print and color. Jesus On […]

Bible Lesson & Craft: Palm Sunday Donkey

Donkey Craft Featured Image

This is a fun craft and Bible Lesson for Palm Sunday. This can be done at home or in a Sunday School/church setting. My kids loved making their little donkeys. These are extremely simple to make and the donkeys could even be cut out ahead of time before class if you have a church class […]

Baby Moses Bible Lesson & Craft

Awesome Baby Moses Bible Lesson & Craft at

God Has A Plan Have you ever heard the story of baby Moses? Moses became a great leader among God’s people. He listened to God and was a great leader. However, when he was a baby he was in danger! God knew all the great things that Moses would do and He had a plan […]

Fisher’s of Men: Bible Lesson & Craft

Fisher's of Men: Bible Lesson and Craft at

Fisher’s of Men Follow Me Jesus chose twelve disciples. Jesus’ disciples were men who helped Jesus in teaching other’s about God’s love. Jesus knew exactly which men he wanted to be his disciples. The first two disciples he chose were brothers, Simon (everyone called him Peter) and Andrew. Peter and Andrew were fishermen. They were […]

Noah’s Ark: Bible Lesson & Craft

Noah's Ark Craft & Bible Lesson with FREE Printables at This would be an awesome Sunday School Lesson.

Noah’s Ark God Keeps Promises God asked Noah to build a giant ark (boat) because He was going to flood the whole earth. Can you imagine the whole earth being under water?  God made a special promise (called a covenant)  to Noah and everyone else on earth. Let’s find out what that promise was… Noah was […]

Bible Lesson: Jonah and the Whale + Craft Tutorial

02-19-13Jonah and the Whale craft021_pinterest

**Printables are at the bottom** Jonah and the Whale Obeying God Even When It’s Hard (Teachers/Parents: Scroll down for a free printable version of this lesson) Have your parents ever told you to do something that you didn’t want to do?  Like clean your room, be nice to your sister or brother, or take your […]

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