DIY Tutorial – How to make a no-sew, cheap, wipeable Bib!

DIY - How to make cheap bibs from a tablecloth! This is brilliant! You can make them large enough for older kids for messy art projects too!

  I have a messy toddler. No surprise, right? I’m pretty sure those two words go hand in hand. My youngest, who is not yet 2 1/2, tends to put more food on herself than in her belly. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be an artist someday and this is her way of practicing […]

St. Patrick’s Day Holy Trinity Lesson and Craft

Holy Trinity Shamrock Craft and Bible Lesson for St. Patrick's Day

Holy Trinity Lesson & Craft *This post contains affiliate links. Please consider using the links to purchase materials if you need them to help support this blog! Thanks!* Here is a great video on the true story of St. Patrick’s Day to have your students watch: BONUS! Here is a poem to help kids remember […]

Art History – Georges Seurat – Pointillism

Art History_Seurat_Featured Image

The kids are studying Art History in their co-op this year. I thought it would be great to continue those studies at home on our “off” week. Their first artist was technically Monet and talking about impressionism. But they talked briefly about Georges Seurat during their world geography class since we were “traveling” to France. […]

September 11th Lesson and Project

09-11-15 Pinnable Graphic_September 11 Lesson

Today is yet another anniversary of September 11, 2001. I can vividly remember where I was when the first plane hit the World Trade Center tower. You can read more about my recollection of those events HERE. I decided to incorporate this event into our homeschooling day as a history lesson. We watched a couple […]

He Is Risen! Easter Craft and Bible Lesson

He Is Risen Featured Image

  This is a great craft and lesson for Sunday School or Children’s church but can also be used at home as a fun way to teach your children about the true meaning of Easter. Christ’s resurrection. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray you would bless those who are teaching this lesson. Lord prepare the hearts […]

Jesus on the Cross Bible Lesson & Craft

Jesus On The Cross Featured Image

    This is a wonderful Good Friday craft and Bible Lesson to use at home with your own kids or in a classroom setting at church. Here you will find craft instructions and printables, Lesson printable, Memory Verse card printable, and a corresponding coloring page for the children to print and color. Jesus On […]

Bible Lesson & Craft: Palm Sunday Donkey

Donkey Craft Featured Image

This is a fun craft and Bible Lesson for Palm Sunday. This can be done at home or in a Sunday School/church setting. My kids loved making their little donkeys. These are extremely simple to make and the donkeys could even be cut out ahead of time before class if you have a church class […]

Resurrection Garden Activity

Fun Easter Activity for Families... The Resurrection Garden

We had a very warm day around here about a week ago (warm compared to the negative digits we’ve experienced all winter). I think the high was around 56 degrees and for us that was a heat wave!! It helped get me in the gardening spirit and looking forward to spring’s arrival. I decided to […]

Spring Pencil Holder Craft

Super cute! Spring Pencil Holder Craft at

While teaching my kids their Science class, they were learning about Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing (the three R’s). I’m no “tree-hugger” so-to-speak and do not worship Creation, but I DO worship the One who created this beautiful world and since God entrusted it to our care I feel taking care of it is a responsibility […]

Leaf Friends Magnets – Fun Fall Craft

Leaf Friends Magnet - Fun Fall Craft

Leaf Friends Magnets – Fun Fall Craft  Do you need a fun fall craft to do with your kids over the Thanksgiving break? Try out these fun Leaf Friends Magnets. My kids really enjoyed making these and creating their own leaf friends to use in hanging their artwork on the refrigerator. You can also check […]

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