Hand Print Calendar Kid’s Craft

I grabbed this idea from Pinterest. The original post can be found at: http://the-sharpenedpencil.blogspot.com/2011/01/christmas-calendars.html Hop on over there and check out her calendar. She also has some cute poems to go with each picture.

Instead of having the kids each make their own calendars I let them each pick three months they wanted to do. I helped the kids do their hand prints/ palm prints and then I decorated them. I am going to scan them into the computer, order prints and have them spiral bound…I’m thinking these might make some nice Christmas gifts.

The first one here was my 5yo Joshua’s palm prints. I turned it into a snowman for January. 
Trinity (3yo) did February’s and made a heart with her hand prints. 
These are Brenden’s (6yo) palm prints to make a nice four leaf clover for March.
Trinity also made this cute little bunny for April.
Joshua’s palm prints made this cute little caterpillar for May.
Trinity, of course, made the butterfly for June.
Joey’s (19mo) little hand prints made this awesome flag for July!
For August, I turned Joey’s hand print into a fish.
A great fall tree by Brenden for September
A creepy spider by Joshua for October.
For November Brenden helped make a turkey!
Joey’s tiny hand print was used to make this tiny Christmas tree for December. Awe!

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