September 11th Lesson and Project

9-11 Project and Lessons for elementary kids

Today is yet another anniversary of September 11, 2001. I can vividly remember where I was when the first plane hit the World Trade Center tower. You can read more about my recollection of those events HERE.

I decided to incorporate this event into our homeschooling day as a history lesson. We watched a couple videos I found online. I shared with the kids about my experiences during the September 11 events and about the heroes involved during that day, especially those on Flight 93.


9-Afterwards we discussed a few of their questions and jumped right into our 9-11 project.

Here are the videos we watched:

9-11 Video: Click here if player does not work above.

9-11 Video for Kids: Click here to view if video above does not work.

Here is the project we worked on:

9-11 Lesson and Project for Pre-K through 5th Grade


First download and print your pages (You will need blue, red and black construction paper cut to 8.5×11″ size to print on)
You will also need a white out pen (I found a 2pk for $1 at our dollar store) or a white colored pencil/crayon
Glue Sticks

Here are the printable sheets:

This is for the blue background for the stars on the flag.

9-11 Project and Lesson
Click HERE to download and print this page. PRINT ON BLUE CONSTRUCTION PAPER.

Next are the red stripes. You will need seven per student. 7 red stripes (red starts at the top) and 6 white stripes (13 all together representing our 13 original colonies).

9-11 Project and Lesson

Click HERE to download and print this page PRINT ON RED CONSTRUCTION PAPER.

Next is the page for the rectangles representing the WTC towers. You will need two per student. Print these on black construction paper.

9-11 Lesson and Project

Click HERE to download and print this page. PRINT ON BLACK CONSTRUCTION PAPER

Next is the banner which goes above the towers.

9-11 Lesson and project

Click HERE to download and print this page

Next you will need to choose which writing paper to use. There is a paper with larger writing lines for Pre-K through 2nd grade and a smaller lined paper for 3rd-5th grades.

What is a hero writing page for 3rd-5th grade

Click here to download and print this page.

9-11 Project and Lesson

Click HERE to download and print this page.


  1. Print out your pages.
  2. Cut out all pieces and place them in piles per student (depending on what ages you are teaching or what time constraints you have you can let the kids cut their own pieces)
  3. Every student should have the following
    1. One blue rectangle
    2. Seven red stripes
    3. One sheet of printer paper (8.5×11″)
    4. Two black rectangles
    5. One Always Remember banner
    6. One writing page sheet
    7. One white colored pencil, crayon or white out pen (they can share these)
    8. One glue stick (they can share if needed)
    9. Scissors (they can share if needed)
  4. First glue down seven red stripes on a white piece of printer paper.
  5. Then glue the blue rectangle in the upper left corner.
  6. Draw 50 white stars in the blue rectangle.
  7. Glue down the writing paper under the blue rectangle.
  8. Glue the black rectangles on the right of the flag.
  9. Glue down the banner above the black towers.
  10. Write “September 11th 2001″ on the towers in white.
  11. Have each student answer the questions on their page as their writing assignment. Older children should write more. Pre-K and K age students can tell their parent/teacher what they want to say and have the adult do the writing.

For younger children, focus on their handwriting skills and less on grammar and spelling. Have them sound out words and work with their phonics or identifying letters.

For older children have them pay attention to proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

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