Art History – Georges Seurat – Pointillism

Art History Lesson - Georges Seurat and Pointillism Project

The kids are studying Art History in their co-op this year. I thought it would be great to continue those studies at home on our “off” week.

Their first artist was technically Monet and talking about impressionism. But they talked briefly about Georges Seurat during their world geography class since we were “traveling” to France. I was inspired and wanted to create some pointillism artwork myself.

I checked out a book at our local library:
Seurat and La Grande Jatte: Connecting the Dots (affiliate link… don’t worry I only link to things I really love and would like to share with you!)

Seurat La Grande Jatte Connecting the Dots

We read through the book (which you can read word for word for older elementary children or you can paraphrase for younger children). It’s a wonderful book!

Then we talked about pointillism a little bit. I explained how we wanted to fill our entire paper with dots.

They each had a paper plate with paints put on them and were given  a sheet of painting paper and q-tips.

I drew a shape (a butterfly, you can choose any shape or do a more intricate drawing for older children) and had them follow me. I explained how to mix colors and shades together and shadow and highlight the shapes with darker and lighter colors.

Art History Lesson - Georges Seurat

They each did really well for their ages and, most importantly, had fun being creative!

Art History Lesson - Georges Seurat

We can’t forget to display our beautiful artwork!! Kids just love seeing their artwork on display for all to see. :-)

Art History - Georges Seurat

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