Journey To Bethlehem: FREE Jesse Tree Printable Ornaments and Advent Calendar

Who likes freebies?! I do! I am so very excited to give you a gift!! Keep on reading to see what it is….

I believe the first year I learned about the Jesse Tree was in 2012. I had absolutely no idea what a Jesse Tree was until I read about it online. I then found the book on Amazon and ordered a used copy to try it out. My children and I loved it so much we designated a little Christmas tree as our “Jesse Tree” the following year and I painted watercolor ornaments for us to use.

We treasure our Jesse Tree devotional time each night. The children eagerly look forward to taking turns adding another ornament to the tree. I enjoy setting time aside from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season to stop and reflect on Jesus and the precious gift HE is to us. It’s in those quiet, simple moments, sitting around our small tree that some of the most precious Christmas memories are made in our home.

Right before Christmas of 2013, God nudged me to create this printable packet to share. It wasn’t completed in time to share with you that Christmas. December of 2014, I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl and wasn’t actively posting on the blog. In 2015 I had forgotten about this project completely in the process of planning a duo birthday party for my oldest (turning 10) and my youngest (turning 1) in the midst of the regular Christmas chaos. It was a crazy season for sure!

This year I decided to slow things down and actually ENJOY the Christmas season. God reminded me of this project and I actually had the time to complete it! God’s timing is always perfect, so I am confident there is a good reason He wanted me to wait until now to publish this packet.

Journey to Bethlehem FREE Jesse Tree Ornaments and Advent Calendar
So here is my FREE gift to you!

This is a 15 page packet you can download and print to make your own Jesse tree ornaments and advent calendar to go along with your Jesse tree devotions.

You can purchase the corresponding Jesse Tree devotional book HERE on Amazon.

FREE Jesse Tree Ornaments and Advent Calendar
Without further delay here are the links to download the packet. I pray you and your family will be blessed using this. There are two links. One is high resolution, the second is a reduced file size for faster download time (don’t worry it doesn’t alter the graphics very much at all, so either one should be fine):

Journey To Bethlehem: Jesse Tree Ornaments and Advent Calendar Printables

Journey To Bethlehem: Jesse Tree Ornaments and Advent Calendar Printables (Reduced File Size)

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