Painting A Turkey

Painting a Turkey
I actually painted this over a month ago for a door prize at a Ladies Game Night I was hosting…yes it was hard to part with my Turkey. 

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I figured this would be a good time to post this tutorial.

Here is the Turkey.

I started by painting his belly a base color.

Then I added shadowing to the edges.

Next I painted the base coat on the turkey’s body.

 I then added shadowing to the outer edges of the turkey’s body, painted the beak. I also shaded in a little chubby cheek. Next I painted the dark stripes on the tail feathers.

Next I began the process of painted the tail feathers.

I added a second coat on the tail feathers and added a splatter effect to the belly.

Then I started the shading on the tail feathers. I added a stroke of wet paint along the edge of the feathers…..

….then using a dry brush pulled the wet paint in toward the center of the feather creating the shading technique. 

I added a base coat to the feet and painted them as well.

And there you have it. A perfect Thanksgiving decoration! :-) 

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