Composing Your Photo

Having an “eye” for photography goes beyond positioning your subject and snapping a picture. You are not simply “taking” a picture. You are COMPOSING a picture. You are taking multiple different elements and making them work together to create a unique and eye pleasing image. :-) 

For this image I considered how to position my “subject” aka the shoes. First. I determined that I would prop one shoe upon the other to create visibility of most sides of the shoes. Once the shoes were set up, then I decided what my perspective was going to be (what angle my camera would be shooting from, focal length, etc). Next I considered the Rule of Thirds (click here for a detailed description). Finally, I made sure the background created an eye pleasing backdrop. I positioned myself so the playground was centered as the backdrop to the shoes.

To take this photo it truly only took me seconds to set up and shoot. I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed and think that each time you capture an image it has to be a big ordeal. Once you have trained your eye to look for the elements discussed above, it will become second nature to you. The most important key to becoming a better photographer is practice, practice and …..oh yeah…PRACTICE. :-) So go compose a picture!

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Faith is a wife and stay at home mom of five children. She has three boys and two girls who keep her on her toes, teach her new things each day, inspire her, and at times drive her crazy! She has felt a calling into youth ministry since the young age of 15 and uses her roles of being a homeschooling mom, helper at church, and creator/author at Artistic Hands of Faith to fulfill that calling. She loves anything hands on and creative and enjoys using her artistic talents for God's glory.

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