Beautiful Day & Outdoor Fun!

Today’s weather consisted of temperatures in the 60s, a nice breeze, bright blue sky with puffy white clouds floating about, and the sun shining brightly giving warmth to everything it touched by it’s light. 

So I was in the middle of laundry, the kids made a mess in the kitchen at lunch, and I was trying to reorganize my downstairs living area along with cleaning up the chaos my kids created. The hardest thing after having a new baby is definitely “getting back into the swing of things.” :-) I’m just now starting to really start cleaning and getting my house in order after this past month of having to “take it easy” after Joey’s birth. :-) 

Okay I’m getting off track…I tend to do that. If I do it again just poke your computer screen and tell me to keep focused. Maybe that will help. 😛

Anyway…with such beautiful weather I decided to drop my cleaning and take the kids to the park. I got the kids dressed, grabbed my wallet, keys, cellphone, and got the stroller out. I snuggled Joey into his carseat and put him and Trinity in the stroller and off we went. 

There were some beautiful tulips we saw on the way there! 

I love tulips. I think I may just have to plant some bulbs in my flower bed for next spring. :-) 
I loved how the sunlight was peaking through the tree blossoms. Spring is such a beautiful time of year!! (Although my allergies tend to argue with me on that!)
Just look at that beautiful blue sky! :-) Ahhhh….Reminds me when I used to look up at the clouds and try to spot different shapes; bunnies, sheep, purple flying elephants….
I was the official shoe guardian at the park. :-) Trinity decided that she didn’t want to wear her new princess sandals once we got to the park and brought them over for me to keep an eye on. :-) (I’m going to post a few photography tips using this photo so you will see it again shortly).
Once we were done at the park, we walked home and I got out the kids bubbles and sidewalk chalk. I think more bubbles ended up on the sidewalk than in the air, but they had fun. :-) 

 Brenden had some difficulties blowing his bubbles at first but was truly thrilled when he got the hang of it. :-) At one point when the wind picked up all he had to do was hold the wand up and the wind created the bubbles. Brenden informed me that it was “doing it all by itself”. :-) 

Trinity was fascinated as well as captivated by all of the bubbles floating away into the big blue sky. :-) 
It was hard to get Brenden to give up the bottle of bubbles to give his brother a turn. On one hand it would have been better to have a bottle of bubbles for each of them but then again this gave them the opportunity to practice their sharing skills with each other. (It’s amazing how well my kids share with other children outside our family yet won’t share much of anything with their own siblings…haha…come to think of it I think I was like that!)
Brenden told me he was drawing Daddy. :-) He’s such a little artist. He’s very passionate about what he draws and gets so excited to show me what he’s working on. 
And little Joey slept the whole time and was snug and content in his carseat. :-) 
Uh oh…..I think he heard me. He’s waking up! :-) Yep, soon after this picture, Joey woke up and was quite hungry from his long nap so I had the kids pick up their chalk and toys (they weren’t took happy about it) and had everyone go inside. The kids watched some PBS cartoons while I sat down and nursed Joey, then we ate dinner. And my day’s not done yet…
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