Evening Beauty

I was awestruck at the beautiful array of colors dancing through the sky yesterday. I quickly grabbed my camera and ran outside. Some of my neighbors were outside talking amongst themselves as I snapped away. They should be fairly used to this kind of behavior from me by now. :-) Determined to capture the best view possible of this sunset I raced upstairs to my boys’ room and hung halfway out the window for this view. I took two shots an underexposed (for the background; to capture the vibrant colors of the sunset) and one slightly overexposed (to highlight the foreground so everything didn’t appear as a silhouette). I then combined these two photos in Photoshop creating the final image you see here.


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About Faith Lohr

Faith is a wife and stay at home mom of five children. She has three boys and two girls who keep her on her toes, teach her new things each day, inspire her, and at times drive her crazy! She has felt a calling into youth ministry since the young age of 15 and uses her roles of being a homeschooling mom, helper at church, and creator/author at Artistic Hands of Faith to fulfill that calling. She loves anything hands on and creative and enjoys using her artistic talents for God's glory.

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