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I’ve written this series with children ages 5-12 years old in mind. Each and every child has their own interests. Some many find this series to be thrilling and some may find it boring. It’s okay. I pray that the children who need to hear these messages will hear it, love it and desire to keep reading and coming back for more. For those who don’t like it, I pray they find another resource that ministers to their hearts and brings them closer to Jesus.

Cross Kids: Adventures With Jesus is about a group of children at Crosspoint Church who “magically” travel back in time to see Jesus and hear His teachings in person. My goal is to stay as true to scripture as I can while adding some creative detail to allow the children to engage in the stories and learn more about Jesus along the way. I will not add to Scripture and anything that Jesus speaks in these stories are quoted directly from Scripture. :-)

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Illustrations are hand drawn by me. I hope to eventually draw some vector images in Adobe Illustrator to clean them up a bit and start creating some coloring pages for the kids.

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Now on to Episode 1….

Cross Kids Adventures

Cross Kids
Adventures with JesusEpisode 1: Meet the Kids…The children’s room at Crosspoint Church buzzed with noise. The children were all waiting for their teacher, Mrs. Calvo, to enter the room and begin their lesson.

Becky from Cross Kids: Adventures with Jesus Series


Isaac, a ten year old boy, sat quietly and slouched in his chair with his ball cap set on his head slightly off to the side. His black wavy hair stuck out from the edges and two bright blue eyes peered out from under the brim. He propped his arms across the tops of the chairs beside him and watched everyone in the room. He was “Mr. Cool” and everyone in children’s church looked up to him since he was the oldest. Isaac never minded the attention and loved helping the younger children when he could.

Becky from Cross Kids: Adventures with Jesus Series

Rebecca, or “Becky” as everyone called her, sat in the last row of chairs. She was reading over her memory verses before Mrs. Calvo came in the room. She pushed her thick black glasses to a more comfortable spot on her freckled nose. A lose strand of bright red hair fell from behind her ear, which she quickly tucked back in. Becky was only eight years old but she had read the entire Bible four times. She was the girl everyone turned to for quoting Bible verses. She loved learning more about Jesus through God’s word.

Becky from Cross Kids: Adventures with Jesus Series

Mary sat in the middle row of chairs. She couldn’t sit still and her pigtails bounced back and forth as she moved in her seat. Her legs were jumpy and she tapped her fingers on her knees. She didn’t like not having anything to do. She was wearing her soccer uniform because she had a game right after church. Soccer was her favorite sport. She loved being able to run and play with her friends and didn’t mind all the hard work during practices. Mary was seven years old and had been playing soccer since she was five.

Zeke from Cross Kids: Adventures with Jesus Series

Ezekiel, “Zeke” for short, stood in the back of the room bouncing all around the open area behind the chairs. He was practicing his basketball moves for Monday’s game. He spun around and bumped into one of the chairs. Isaac caught the chair and lifted it back to an upright position smiling and shaking his head in amusement. Zeke bashfully backed up and continued practicing his basketball moves in slow motion only further away from the chairs. Zeke was only one year younger than Isaac and they had always been close friends.

Timmy from Cross Kids: Adventures with Jesus Series

Timothy, or “Timmy” sat upfront at a small table and chairs set playing with some blocks. He had just turned five and it was his first week in children’s church. He was excited and a little nervous at the same time. Down by his feet was his favorite teddy bear. Grizzle had been with him since he was a baby and helped him when he was afraid. He looked around at all the other kids. When someone glanced his way he would smile quickly and look back down at his blocks.

Debbie from Cross Kids: Adventures with Jesus Series

Debbie sat on the other side of Timmy at the table and played with her favorite doll. One of her favorite things to do was play dress up and pretend. She pretended to be a Mommy and took gentle care of her baby. She giggled when she saw Zeke bump into the chair in the back of the room. Her tight spiral blonde curls bounced around as she played. She was happy that Timmy was in children’s church now so there was someone her age to play with.

Esther from Cross Kids: Adventures with Jesus Series

Esther sat up front near Timmy and Debbie in a larger adult chair. Esther was twelve and Mrs. Calvo’s helper. She worked with the younger children in the group. She had been a ballet dancer since she was three years old and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Esther dreamed of the day when she could attend a professional dance school to become a ballet dancer for her job. She loved helping in Mrs. Calvo’s children’s church and looked forward to seeing the kids each week.

Miss Anna from Cross Kids: Adventures with Jesus Series

The door creaked open and a tall figured stepped into the room. Snow-white hair sat on top of her head. Small wrinkles filled her face from years of smiling and laughing. Her blue eyes twinkled as she smiled at all the faces greeting her. She wore a long skirt with a t-shirt that said “I <3 Jesus” and sandals. She may have looked like a storybook Grandma, but she sure didn’t act like one. The children all stopped whatever they were doing. Even Mary stopped and sat completely still. This wasn’t Mrs. Calvo…..

“Hi kids!! My name is Miss Anna. I’m your new teacher. Mrs. Calvo had a family emergency and will be out of town for a few weeks. Mrs. Calvo and I have been friends for a long time. She’s told me all about you. I’m so glad I finally get to meet you face to face.” Miss Anna was full of energy, spunky and seemed to be full of excitement. Yet there was something a bit mysterious about her.

“Okay kids! Who’s ready to start an adventure??” Miss Anna opened her Bible and turned the pages. “Where would you like to go today??”…..