About Faith

Hello friends and welcome to Artistic Hands of Faith. Do you have a minute? Great! Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, tea, or for my Trim Healthy Mamas, grab your Good Girl Moonshine and let’s chat.

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Faith (Never would have guessed that, right?). First and foremost I am a follower of Jesus. I strive to have my life reflect Him by living out His commands and showing His love toward others. I fail at perfection everyday but His mercies are new each morning and I press on as a redeemed sinner! Jesus didn’t call us to be perfect, just willing to serve Him!

I am also married to an amazing man (who treats me far better than I give him credit for) and have been blessed with five awesome children (three boys and two girls – the Fantastic Five) who teach me new things each day.10-05-14 Family Portraits_Faith & John023_web2

Here are a few random facts about me just to entertain yourself (it’s not like you have better things to do, right?):

  • I love Mexican cuisine….but not Taco Bell “Mexican” I mean authentic Mexican…yum! Once you taste the real thing you’ll never look at Taco Bell again. lol
  • My favorite sport to play is – hands down – Racquetball!!
  • Music runs through my veins! I love to sing! I sing all the time…in the kitchen, shower, car – yep….if you see some strange woman belting it out down the highway it’s probably me. :-) I was in choir from 4th-12th grade, performed in an Ensemble 9th-12th, was in the musical Camelot in 10th grade, sang on the praise team at my old church, was in a few church cantatas and the church choir. All that being said… please don’t ask me to sing LIVE in front of people BY MYSELF. I have some MAJOR stage fright issues!!!!
  • I’m not a perfect mom; no one is. I make mistakes daily, but from those mistakes, I learn, grow and apply that knowledge to future situations to be a better mother for my children. Being a mom is hard and everyone’s path through it is different; stop comparing yourself to “Supermoms.” Every mom is Super and every mom has their kryptonite.
  • I love a variety of movie genres (but I will skip horror, profane comedies, or gory movies…blech). I enjoy fantasy & superhero movies with tons of action scenes. I’m a big Superman and Ironman fan and love Lord of the Rings. :-) Then I like to scale it down a notch and I love family comedies such as “When Calls the Heart,” “Fuller House,” “Last Man Standing” etc.
  • Summer thunderstorms are awesome. I love watching the lighting. It’s kind of like God’s fireworks display for us.
  • In 2015 I found Trim Healthy Mama. I’ve lost 50lbs after having baby number 5 and now have the awesome opportunity to give back and help out as an admin in the Trim Healthy Mama Main Facebook group. I love “Food Freedom” and the fact that it’s a lifestyle change and not a diet. www.trimhealthymama.com   https://www.facebook.com/groups/trimhealthymamas/
  • I, like many people, hate spiders. But I have made a great deal of progress. I no longer shriek and run when I see one!
  • Jesus is the most important person in my life followed by my husband and children. It’s hard not to put my children first in everything, but I’ve found that the more I set my priorities the way God intended them to be the closer I get to becoming the best wife and mom I can be.10-11-15 Pictures with MommyPose One001_Picture with kids
  • I love flip-flops and walking barefoot in the summer. Once warm weather hits I’m in the flops. :-) However, I do enjoy all the seasons and look forward to a good snowstorm in the winter. :-) Fall is my favorite season of all!
  • I always have about 15 tabs open on my browser at all times. haha! (Uh…well….Scratch that…Right now I have 28 open lol).
  • I usually stay up way too late at night trying to get everything done and regret it each morning. I love waking up early; when I actually do it. :-)
  • My house is never perfect. Some days it feels like I can’t keep up. Yet, I will always choose spending a sunny day at the park with my kids over doing laundry. If it means I have a couple more loads of laundry or more dishes the next day then so be it. They’re only little once.
  • I am learning not to wish for more time to do the things I love or be with the people I love but instead to MAKE time for them.
  • I used to hate running and was never able to stick with it but joined an amazing training group through www.90revolutions.com because their support (training programs, advice and encouragement) and God’s strength I was able to run a 5K and 2 10K races in 2013!! I can do the happy dance as I officially feel like a “real” runner!!
  • I love making things from scratch and learning to make typical store bought items at home. I love making homemade hygiene products, cleaning products and have recently started to enjoy fermenting, sprouting and culturing things right in my kitchen!! It’s like my own little science lab. 😉





My Blog’s Mission Statement

To inspire women to serve God and their families through using the creative talents He has blessed them with. To encourage women to grow daily in their spiritual walk with Jesus so they can be a constant reflection of His love. To spur women onward to a healthier lifestyle to care for our bodies as temples for the Lord. To use my own artistic talents to create resources for parents and church leaders to help plant seeds of Christ’s love in the hearts of their children through fun activities and education.

Why Artistic Hands of Faith?

There are thousands…millions of websites and blogs on the internet.

There are:

  • Trim Healthy Mama blogs,
  • health blogs,
  • food blogs,
  • fitness websites,
  • DIY blogs,
  • artistic and craft blogs,
  • and many Christian blogs.

Here at Artistic Hands of Faith you will find a little bit of each of those categories all wrapped into one.

There are a couple features that make Artistic Hands of Faith stand out among the rest. One of those features is the Bible Lessons & Crafts.

These lessons can be used as curriculum in your church or at home and include fun corresponding crafts to do with your children. They provide fun ways for children to learn about God’s Word and Jesus in ways that are easy for children to remember and easy for teachers/parents to teach. All lessons include any necessary printables in an easy to download PDF format.

Another feature that is exclusive to Artistic Hands of Faith is Cross Kids: Adventures With Jesus. It’s a Bible adventure series for children ages 5-10. In each episode children are introduced to a new adventure that teaches them Biblical morals, and lifelong lessons in an engaging short story format.

Who Am I Writing To?

Well, if I were to visualize reading one of my blog posts to a roomful full of people, I would imagine they would be women anywhere from 18 and older. Women who love Jesus and desire to grow closer to Him and serve Him through blessing their families through their skills and talents as homemakers. There are probably a few ladies in the crowd who don’t know much about Jesus but are curious to learn more.

As I look out across this audience created in my mind’s eye, I also see women from all walks of life and ethnicity backgrounds. I see stay at home moms and working moms. Moms who have 1 child; moms who have 8 children. I see moms who love to create through cooking, organizing, crafting, gardening and more. There are moms who are struggling and need encouragement. There are moms who have overcome obstacles and are willing to offer encouragement.

The audience created in my imagination is a beautiful collaboration of women working together to have fun, relax, encourage, strengthen, uplift, laugh, cry, and guide one another through life’s journey of motherhood; my audience is a community.

So welcome to the community!!