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“Let a child’s imagination run wild, their creativity express itself, their curiosity be satisfied and their mind expand with learning disguised in fun, exciting ways.”

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My Usborne Journey

My Usborne journey has been short on the consultant end of things since I only recently decided to expand my horizons in this area. However, my journey with Usborne books themselves began a few years ago.

My children and I were doing one of our favorite activities, browsing our local used bookstore. I could be lost for hours in bookstores. There was something comforting about a big leather chair surrounded by walls lined with shelves full of books.

During this particular visit as I was looking through the children’s section, I stumbled across a book that caught my attention. It had beautiful illustrations, puzzles that engaged young readers in the story and hidden pictures within the book. I was intrigued. I saw “Usborne” written at the top of the book cover. I didn’t give the name much thought since I had never heard of them before. However, I used that name to find two more Usborne books on the shelves. We loved these books. They weren’t ordinary books. We treasured these books.

Imagine my surprise when my friend messaged me and invited me to her Usborne Facebook Party! I attended the party and was hooked! The books I had were older. I was thrilled to discover newer books, over 1,000 titles, and even more creativity packed into their books.

I may have briefly wished I could buy every single book they had. :-) Realizing this wasn’t a real possibility, I decided to become a consultant to help stock our home library full of wonderful books while helping to share my love of reading and literacy with others.

Fall Into Reading with amazing Usborne books!

My Goals

While I love Usborne books, I understand that there are other amazing authors, illustrators and books out there that have nothing to do with Usborne. You know what….that GREAT! I’m all about allowing children to expand horizons and explore new options. I wouldn’t ever say that Usborne books are the only great books out there. :-) More than anything I would like to see children develop a love for reading no matter which books they love. I simply think Usborne is an awesome place to start searching!

I’m not much of a salesperson. You won’t find me out selling books in the grocery store, to my neighbors, church friends, family and earning the title Crazy Book Lady. (ha!) I want to let people know I’m here, I’m passionate about these books and let the books speak for themselves. If you’re interested in hosting a party or buying books you won’t regret it, but I won’t be the one to force them on you either. :-) That being said, if you’re interested, visit my website to contact me about hosting your own Facebook party! Earn free books from the comfort of your own home. :-)

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Usborne Book Reviews

Usborne offers so many titles there is something for everyone! They make excellent Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, reading achievement awards and are an excellent resource for growing your home library! If you have a baby host a Baby’s First Library party! Do you have a son or daughter or grandchild with an upcoming birthday? Plan on hosting an online party to earn free books for them!

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