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Background: What is Trim Healthy Mama?

Have you heard about Trim Healthy Mama?

Trim Healthy Mama is a lifestyle, health, and wellness book authored by two sisters, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison. Pearl and Serene were done trying to live healthy lifestyles by eliminating food groups, reducing calories to the point of starvation and feeling miserable from the inside out. So they turned to God’s Word and dug deep to understand how God designed food for our enjoyment and to nourish our bodies. So much of the original purpose and quality of these foods has been lost as we entered the new age of fast food and the SAD (Standard American Diet) way of eating (which includes overdosing on sugars and simple, unhealthy, blood sugar-spiking carbs). Through this Godly wisdom these sisters began a revolution to better health. They developed a way of eating based on how God intended us to fuel our bodies and find enjoyment doing so.

Their original book, which was self-published, spread like a wild fire as women saw real results happen as they implemented the eating plan. Demand was high for a simplified, easy to read version of the plan and a cookbook with new recipes and beautiful photos. The sisters heard the requests and poured their time, money and hearts into two new books (released in September of 2015): The new Trim Healthy Mama Plan Book and the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.

While you can certainly find a wealth of information on the internet via bloggers and Pinterest, the books are absolutely essential for fully understanding the plan. They are one of the best investments toward your health you will make! Think about the cost of medical care for illness, disease, etc. Living a healthy lifestyle, such as following the Trim Healthy Mama plan, may help prevent that from happening!

See how I lost 53lbs on Trim Healthy Mama. Follow me    See how I lost 53lbs on Trim Healthy Mama. Follow me    See how I lost 53lbs on Trim Healthy Mama. Follow me    See how I lost 53lbs on Trim Healthy Mama. Follow me    See how I lost 53lbs on Trim Healthy Mama. Follow me

My Journey: How Did I Learn About Trim Healthy Mama?

One of my friends from my old church introduced me to Trim Healthy Mama. Admittedly, I didn’t start right away and had my reservations. I was just about ready to jump on the paleo bandwagon when I my friend suggested I look into Trim Healthy Mama. I was a whole foods mama and had started using maple syrup, honey, molasses etc to sweeten my foods. The thought of going sugar free made me cringe since I had always associated things that were sugar free with chemical, artificial sweeteners which I wouldn’t even touch with a 10ft pole 😉 Plus….who wants to give up their sweets! That’s impossible, right?

After much consideration I decided to buy the book and give it a try. After doing some more reading I was confident that the plan approved sweeteners (stevia, monk fruit extract, xylitol, erythritol) were safe, despite some of the conflicting opinions others feel the need to share.

I had just given birth to baby #5 and needed to lose a lot of baby weight. We started traditionally homeschooling around the same time and I knew I didn’t want to be counting calories or points the rest of my life. I began reading the books while I was at home during my post partum weeks. Finally on my 29th birthday, February 4th 2015, I decided to begin the plan.

See how I lost over 50lbs with Trim Healthy Mama. how I lost over 50lbs with Trim Healthy Mama. how I lost over 50lbs with Trim Healthy Mama.

My Results: Does the Plan Work?

When I lost weight after my fourth child I counted calories. When I woke up I thought about calories. I thought about calories at each meal and I probably counted calories in my sleep too! I always felt hungry and was never satisfied. I had to exercise just so I could eat more. I worked up to 60 mins a day 5x a week on the elliptical. I lost about 10lbs a month and plateaued at a 45lb loss. However, that loss wasn’t sustainable. I eventually gained 20 of those pounds back.

Enter Trim Healthy Mama. Not only do I not need to worry about counting calories, but I am able to be satisfied and not starve myself to lose weight. Aggressive exercise is unneeded as well. I can stay active with my kids and participate in light exercise that’s kinder to my body and still lose weight. Following the Trim Healthy Mama plan has taught me so much about healthy living and goes far beyond just watching scale numbers. Your body heals from the inside even when those scale numbers don’t move the way we want them to.

I have discovered some food sensitivities along this journey and am now gluten free, stevia free, and dairy free and I am still able to following the plan. I love that this is a lifestyle you can customize to fit your individual needs. Food Freedom.

For those who are interested in specific numbers:

Starting weight: 218
Current weight: 165 (-53)
Goal weight: 150 (this is a comfortable weight for my body build) :-)

Starting Shirt Size: 1x
Current Shirt Size: M

Starting Pant Size: 16/18
Current Pant Size: 10/11

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**Disclaimer: I, Faith, do not claim to be a medical professional of any kind. Any action to implement health and lifestyle changes is at the risk of the reader alone and and its author(s) are not responsible for any outcomes resulting from that. Please always seek the advice of a licensed medical professional when making any changes concerning your health.**

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