St. Patrick’s Day Holy Trinity Lesson and Craft

Holy Trinity Shamrock Craft and Bible Lesson for St. Patrick's Day

Holy Trinity Lesson & Craft *This post contains affiliate links. Please consider using the links to purchase materials if you need them to help support this blog! Thanks!* Here is a great video on the true story of St. Patrick’s Day to have your students watch: BONUS! Here is a poem to help kids remember […]

He Is Risen! Easter Craft and Bible Lesson

He Is Risen Featured Image

  This is a great craft and lesson for Sunday School or Children’s church but can also be used at home as a fun way to teach your children about the true meaning of Easter. Christ’s resurrection. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray you would bless those who are teaching this lesson. Lord prepare the hearts […]

Jesus on the Cross Bible Lesson & Craft

Jesus On The Cross Featured Image

    This is a wonderful Good Friday craft and Bible Lesson to use at home with your own kids or in a classroom setting at church. Here you will find craft instructions and printables, Lesson printable, Memory Verse card printable, and a corresponding coloring page for the children to print and color. Jesus On […]

Noah’s Ark: Bible Lesson & Craft

Noah's Ark Craft & Bible Lesson with FREE Printables at This would be an awesome Sunday School Lesson.

Noah’s Ark God Keeps Promises God asked Noah to build a giant ark (boat) because He was going to flood the whole earth. Can you imagine the whole earth being under water?  God made a special promise (called a covenant)  to Noah and everyone else on earth. Let’s find out what that promise was… Noah was […]

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